Friday, October 23, 2015

Bold Bulletproof Brow Tutorial

Most of you know I love me some bold brows. Granted, they're not for everyone, but don't worry, I also have a natural brow routine up my sleeve. In the meantime, follow these steps if you want to achieve defined eyebrows that won't budge:

1. Brush your eyebrow hairs out with a spoolie or disposable mascara wand to see what shape you're working with.

2. Using a small angled synthetic brush, pick up a bit of brow pomade (a little goes a long way) and outline the arch and tail end of your brow. You can either follow the natural shape of your brow or draw in your desired shape. I like my arch to have somewhat of a sharp angle, so that's what I did here. Feel free to round it out more if that's what you prefer.

3. Using whatever's left on the brush, fill in the outline you just created. Then, without picking up any additional product, begin filling in the front end of the brow (Quick tip: Your brushstrokes should follow the direction of hair growth. When you get to the front of the brow, flip the brush to a vertical position and flick in upward motions to create hair-like strokes).

4. Dab the same angled brush into some brow powder and lightly go over where you applied the pomade. You can be more heavy handed where you see bare spots. The powder will help fill in the gaps and set the pomade cream so it doesn't slip and slide throughout the day.

5. Add more powder as necessary and blend out with the spoolie. When blending, apply more pressure in the areas you want to take away product and less pressure where you want the most pigmentation. The main goal is to create a gradient, concentrating most of the product on the tail and less in the front. We want defined brows, not boxy brows.

6. Take a little concealer on a small concealer brush and carve out just below the brow. This will add definition and also clean up any mistakes you might have made.

7. Carefully blend the concealer downwards.

8. Brush through lightly with a clear brow gel to soften the harsh lines and lock the hairs in place.


xo – Sc

P.S. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite brow products!

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