Monday, November 09, 2015

Mission: Fit Monday | Full-Body Home Workout

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Boston for work and this was pretty much the extent of the hotel's gym. Talk about a tight space! A nice facility with a lot of room and top-notch equipment can be a great motivator when it comes to working out, but the reality is that life gets in the way and we can't always make it to the gym, or when we do get the time, we're constantly rubbing shoulders because it's so packed. But considering you have the dedication and the willpower, you can still get it done, and this workout is a great starting point.

The following was adapted from a workout compiled by Chris Moore, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, and can be done in the comforts of your own home (or hotel room if you're traveling). These exercises focus on functional body movement, meaning no weights required, with the exception of a phone book.  It's ideal for beginners, but can also be incorporated into more advanced training routines.

Complete 3 sets of 15 for each exercise.

Staggered Push-ups

A push-up variation that will help strengthen your stabilizer muscles, with emphasis on the core and shoulders, and correct muscular imbalances (if any) in your physique. Start with your arms in the traditional push-up position, but then stagger your hands by moving one hand 6 inches upward and the other hand 6 inches downward. On your toes or knees, and with body straight, lower down and push back up. Switch hand positions and repeat.

Good Mornings

A compound exercise that targets the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes, while also helping with hip mobility and overall balance. Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold a phone book or medium weight straight up overhead. Keeping abs braced and knees slightly bent, tip from the hips and lower the torso until it is parallel to the floor, keeping the arms extended and in line with your ears. Lift up and repeat. Remember to keep the abs braced throughout the move. If you have any back problems, skip this move.

Rear Delt Fly

With feet hip-width apart and abs braced, tip from the hips until back is flat and parallel to the floor. Lift the arms straight out to the sides to shoulder level with thumbs pointing up to the ceiling. Lower and repeat. Add light weights for intensity. If this hurts your shoulders, skip it.

Tricep Dips

Sit on a bench or chair with hands resting next to your thighs. Push up and bring the hips out, butt just brushing the bench, knees bent. Bend the elbows and lower body down (staying close to bench) until elbows are 90 degrees. Push up and repeat. Straighten the legs for more intensity.

Single Leg Lift and Squat

Place hands behind the back and tip forward until back is flat and parallel to the floor. Keep the abs braced. Take the right leg out to the side, resting on your toe. Squat down with the left leg while simultaneously lifting the right leg a few inches off the ground and out to the side, leg straight. Straighten and repeat for all reps before switching sides.

Lunge with Arms Overhead

Stand in split stance with feet about 3 feet apart. Hold phone book or weight straight up overhead. Bend the knees and lower into a lunge, bringing both knees to 90 degree angles, front knee behind toe. Keeping weight overhead, push back up and repeat before switching legs.

Calf Raise

Stand on phone book with heels hanging off the back. Keeping body straight, lift up onto tiptoes by contracting the calves. Lower and repeat. You can do this on the floor as well. Add light weights for intensity.

Oblique Abs

Sit with legs bent, back straight, arms extended straight out in front of you. Contract the abs and sweep right arm down and behind you in a half-circle motion, leaning the torso back a few inches. Sit back up and repeat on other side. Concentrate on really twisting the torso as your arm comes down to target the obliques.

What are some of your favorite exercises to do at home or while traveling?

xo – Sc

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