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Fitness Feature: Dulany Washington

Dulany Washington is an NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and Assistant Department Head of Personal Training at Life Time Athletic in Fairfax, Virginia. He specializes in Performance Enhancement and has been officially training for 10 years. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, he served in the U.S. Navy and also worked in the corporate sector as an Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager. Continue reading to find out his fitness philosophy and how he addresses a common misconception about personal trainers.

1. Briefly describe your training style.

I approach things from a functional/kinetic standpoint when helping my clients reach their health and fitness goals. One of the things I do is assess how a person’s body moves structurally to determine imbalances, and if there is a need, we work towards correcting those imbalances prior/during strength training. For instance, if a client's arms fall forward while performing an overhead squat, there is a strong possibility that their lats (outer back muscles) are overactive. My role would be to include exercises that focus on the middle part of their back to strengthen those weaker muscles and correct the imbalance.

2. What does being “fit” mean to you?

Having optimal internal bodily health, feeling strong and confident in my physical abilities, and feeling spiritually and mentally at peace.

3. What motivates you to stay fit?

I’ve seen enough people with overall health issues that are totally unnecessary. For example, my father died from lung cancer and suffered from multiple strokes prior to that because of his lifestyle.

I also determined when my son was born that I would always be able to do something physical with him as one way of strengthening our bond. It has worked and continues to do so.

4. Do you ever feel unmotivated? How do you overcome that feeling?

The only time I ever feel unmotivated is when I’m tired, both physically and mentally. When that happens, I listen to my body and allow myself to rest and regroup, rather than force the issue.

5. What are 3 exercises everyone should incorporate into their exercise routine? Why?
  1. Squat and Press – Compound movement for leg development and overall shoulder strength
  2. Four-count Push-ups – Excellent for core stabilization and overall upper body strength
  3. Seated Ball Cable Torso Rotations – Transverse movement for core strength
6. What would your first piece of advice be for someone who is just starting their fitness journey and wants to simply lose weight?

I would advise them to get a physical first, including blood work, to ensure that they are capable of exercise and determine if there are internal factors which could prevent them from attaining their fitness goals.

7. How often do you recommend exercising in general to maintain weight?

I would recommend training at least 4 – 5 times per week.

8. How often should you be exercising if you want to lose weight at a steady rate?

At least 4 – 5 times per week.

9. Where is a good place to start for a first-time gym goer? What do you suggest someone do to feel less intimidated at the gym?

I would recommend they first meet with a fitness professional who can assess and help in quantifying goals, suggest what equipment to use, what exercises to do, etc.

10. Are there any misconceptions or myths within the fitness world that you would like to set straight?

Every trainer’s desire is not just to make sales. The primary reason the vast majority of trainers do what they do is to help others achieve their goals in terms of overall health.

Thanks, Dulany!

If you have any questions for Dulany, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments.

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