Monday, September 19, 2016

My Beauty Cabinet: Lindsey Simpson

Every woman has her own unique routine when it comes to beauty, but these days, with new trends and products constantly bombarding us, it can feel like a struggle to keep up, especially with our busy schedules in full swing. Then, there are the women who juggle the same everyday stressors  difficult coworkers, unruly kids, unfulfilling relationships, lack of time, lack of money, you name it  all while looking effortlessly beautiful. And you can't help but wonder, what's their secret? That's what I thought when I first met Lindsey, who kicks off the first in the My Beauty Cabinet series where we peek into the lives of the most poised, beauty-savvy women  the rituals they swear by, the products they can't live without, and most importantly, the things they do to find balance and beauty within.



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