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My Beauty Cabinet: Lindsey Simpson

Every woman has her own unique routine when it comes to beauty, but these days, with new trends and products constantly bombarding us, it can feel like a struggle to keep up, especially with our busy schedules in full swing. Then, there are the women who juggle the same everyday stressors  difficult coworkers, unruly kids, unfulfilling relationships, lack of time, lack of money, you name it  all while looking effortlessly beautiful. And you can't help but wonder, what's their secret? That's what I thought when I first met Lindsey, who kicks off the first in the My Beauty Cabinet series where we peek into the lives of the most poised, beauty-savvy women  the rituals they swear by, the products they can't live without, and most importantly, the things they do to find balance and beauty within.

Lindsey has spent nearly a decade working in the beauty industry and has a passion for making people feel radiant from the inside out, specifically within the realm of holistic natural skincare. She's spent most of her career in beauty product development, working for some of the biggest brands in the country including Estée Lauder and Bath & Body Works. She also has years of experience at innovative, holistic spas in Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Lindsey is currently based in D.C. and works as an Esthetician at Bespoke Aesthetics, where she consults one-on-one with clients to understand their unique skincare needs and concerns and provides customized solutions to improve not only their skin, but their overall energy and well-being. Continue reading to find out why there's no such thing as "good" or "bad" skin and the biggest skincare myth, according to Lindsey.

Describe your beauty philosophy in 3 words.

Natural, Nourishing and Customized

What does it mean to be a holistic esthetician? What made you decide to pursue a career in skincare/esthetics?

I've always had a passion and curiosity for skincare and natural remedies. This interest led me to my first job in the beauty industry, which was at a "spa for the spirit" in Chicago, where the focus wasn't only on pampering, but really healing the whole person. While there, I learned about skincare product ingredients, the healing power of herbs, crystal energy, acupuncture and meditation. It was a great introduction and education on how to care for the whole individual.

As an esthetician, I knew that I wanted to follow that same holistic approach and help people with more than just their skin concerns. I believe that all aspects of a client's constitution, lifestyle, diet and routine come into play when treating their skin. When I moved to D.C., I looked for a calming and nurturing space where people could come to care for their skin as well as their whole mind, body and spirit. I knew I had found the perfect fit when I met Adrienne, the owner of Bespoke Aesthetics. She is so nurturing and really takes a deep dive into the overall needs and concerns of a client in order to treat his or her skin. At Bespoke, we focus on natural, yet high performance-driven products. It's the perfect marriage of holistic well-being and results-oriented skincare.

We've all been told too much stress can wreak havoc our our skin. How do you manage your stress?

You're right, one of the biggest assaults on skin is stress. Stress causes inflammation and hormonal imbalance: two dominant acne triggers. Unfortunately, stress is an inescapable part of everyone's life. And we live in a fast paced, competitive city here in D.C., which makes stress even harder to avoid. A healthy diet, regular exercise and restful sleep may not be enough.

My personal strategies for combating stress are to establish and maintain stress-free locations and times throughout my day, where I can truly "unplug" and relax. I try to meditate regularly, even if it's just for 10 minutes. It helps me center and set intentions for the day. I have two young sons, so taking "me" time is not always an option. However, going on family nature walks, reading with them and doing art together always calms me and keeps me in the moment. That's why I always say to my clients before starting treatment, "Take this time for yourself to relax and breath." Taking that moment to be present and mindful is truly a gift to your skin.

What is one skincare product you cannot live without?

I can't live without my Osmosis Vitamin A Serum. It has truly changed my skin. Vitamin A, in the right form, helps with overall skin health and treats a variety of skin issues including acne, wrinkles and pigmentation. One of the unique differentiators of Osmosis is that it uses a liposomal delivery system. What that means is that the product was developed in a way that allows all of its amazing ingredients to penetrate six times deeper than most skincare products, getting them down to the dermis which is where most skin issues originate. So it really is changing the skin from the inside out.

What makeup do you use?

I love make-up, but it needs to be easy and not too fussy for my lifestyle. I've always liked Bare Minerals for my face, and I'm also a fan of Coola's BB cream with SPF. I'm a sucker for glowy, rosy cheeks and I use Hourglass's Sunset compact which has both a cream bronzer and blush. For my eyes, I usually wear MAC mascara and I apply a dark grey Bobbi Brown shadow as an eyeliner. My goal is for make-up to be a fun addition - to really just enhance, and not cover up.

Best piece of skincare advice?

One piece of advice I've learned from Dr. Ben Johnson, the creator of the Osmosis product line, is that the skin is an amazing organ. As many people know, its the largest organ in the body. People always talk about having "bad skin." Your skin isn't "good" or "bad." Anything going on with your skin is in response to a trauma or outside influence. So, whether you have a small acne breakout or a major pigmentation issue, your skin is doing what it needs to as part of your body to respond. As an esthetician, my role is to work with the skin to nourish and feed it and give it what it needs to be healthy and clear. It's not enough to just suppress the symptoms or try and cover them up. That will never work in the long term. The root cause needs to be addressed to truly change the issues.

Biggest skincare myth?

The biggest myth is that excessive exfoliation is good for the skin! We are constantly being told that in order to reveal brighter, more even skin we need to exfoliate that dead layer of skin off regularly, even daily. The truth is that over-exfoliation can really wreak havoc on skin. The outer layer of skin, made up of dead flattened skin cells, is there for a reason. Again, the skin is an amazing organ. We need that layer of skin to protect from UV damage and toxins, so constantly scrubbing the skin can cause more inflammation and ultimately make the skin weaker.

What is one thing you do every day that makes you feel beautiful?

It sounds obvious, but I feel most beautiful when I take care of myself - eating healthy, being present through yoga or meditation and connected to nature by spending time outside (especially when I'm on a beach!). By being in-tune with my body and skin, I feel confident and beautiful and it radiates from the inside out.

Thank you so much for sharing, Lindsey!

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